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Echo electric Co. Japan (EDK)

Safety is the top priority for the essential electric parts used on varieties of home electric equipments and electrical apparatuses which are penetrating more and more into our daily life. The MOTTO of ECHO Electric Co., Ltd and EDK Yamanashi Co., Ltd. is to produce and supply steadily such parts that meet high standard of safety and technical requirements, responding to the needs from rapid advancing industries and societies. All products are designed and produced totally in house so that tight controls of quality and process can be always maintained at high level, which should also enable low cost and quick response to customers' demands. Even during the booming period of off-shore manufacturing, EDK has remained in home and continued domestic manufacturing aiming at steady supply of quality products by tight controls of quality and process.

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Description Image Equivalent
10A Fuse holder  


Description Image Equivalent
20A Fuse holder  


Description Image Equivalent
10A Screw-on AC inlet  
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